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TurfMaster tactics #30:

The player determines a 4. (Suggestion #B)

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With a 4 none of the horses is able to jump the fence. Red has to change to the outer lane, since he is forced to move as much squares as possible. At the end of the round of dice 5 horses are in the same line immediately in front of the fence. Unlike Red all the 4 other horses have still got 4 cards left. It is most likely that there are jokers among those cards with values above 9.

This was exactly to be in the concrete case. Blue played Joker 11, Yellow Joker 12, Orange Joker 10 and Green an 8. Because of that Red got the 4 th position by playing Joker 9. At the following round of dice no horse could pass the winning post. None of the three leading horses had a joker card left. Yellow played an 8, Blue a 9 and Orange a 10. Red at the 4 th position had no handicap and could play his last remaining card, a 12. That was the victory!

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Prize competition
TurfMaster tactics #30

  • Situation: The picture below shows a situation at the prototype of the new Abu Dhabi left hand drive circuit. White has rolled a 7.

  • Question:
    How many possibilities are there for White to move this roll?

Have fun to think about it!!!

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